Do You Struggle With Chronic Joint Pain? We Can Help!

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Are increasingly painful joints becoming part of your everyday life? We’ve got good news! There are many treatments available that can relieve your symptoms and get you moving again. Learn how our team of experts can help you overcome joint pain.


Whether it’s early morning soreness in your hands or day-long, disabling discomfort in your knees or hips, chronic joint pain can make life tough. 

The team here at Artemis Health in Santa Monica and Torrance, California, has a long history of offering residents of Los Angeles County expert care that includes relief from chronic joint pain.

Our service stands out because we don’t follow a one-size-fits-all protocol. Rather, our goal is to provide the best treatments available for your circumstance and needs. 

Ours is a patient-first approach that uses expertise from pain management specialists, physical medicine professionals, sports medicine authorities, and top-rated orthopedists to successfully address your joint pain and the underlying reason for your discomfort.

Find out more about what causes joint discomfort and how we can help.

Why do my joints hurt?

Uncovering the reason for your joint pain is key to providing effective treatment. Creating an effective treatment strategy is our goal from the moment you arrive at our office.

Numerous conditions can lead to chronic joint pain, including:


Osteoarthritis is a wear-and-tear condition that’s caused by physical use of your joints. It’s the most common reason for joint pain and occurs when the cartilage covering the ends of the bones forming the affected joint wears away and loses its cushioning effect. 

Aging, as well as overuse related to work, sports, or hobbies, leads to osteoarthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis

Inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are caused by a faulty immune system that attacks and destroys healthy tissue within joints. This causes the inflammation, warmth, swelling, and pain associated with these systemic conditions.

Injuries to the ligaments, tendons, and muscles supporting your joints are often responsible for acute joint pain, but also lead to chronic discomfort if the underlying cause of the injury isn’t treated or rehabbed successfully.

Other conditions, such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and certain viruses, can also cause joint pain. Our mission is to find and treat the cause as well as your pain.

How do you treat joint pain?

After accurately diagnosing the cause of your joint pain, we focus our attention on developing a pain management plan that relieves your discomfort and addresses the underlying issue. We start with conservative therapies that may include:

  • Guided physical therapy
  • Injections to relieve inflammation and reduce pain
  • Oral medications
  • Treatments for underlying conditions

If your joint damage is severe or doesn’t respond to conservative therapies, we may recommend partial or total joint replacement to end your pain and restore mobility. Our surgeons are well-known for their skills in providing minimally invasive surgeries that help speed healing and recovery time.

How can I prevent joint pain?

As part of our comprehensive approach to joint pain, the treatment plans we develop include a full rehab program that’s designed to restore healthy joint function and help prevent future injury. 

Depending on the nature of your joint problem, we may recommend:

  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility to support your joints
  • Physical activity that includes joint-friendly movement
  • Weight loss to reduce strain on weight-bearing joints
  • Alterations to your sports training program
  • Changes in your medications and diet to help preserve joint health

Regardless of your condition, you can rely on the team at Artemis Health to provide the most accurate diagnosis and effective orthopedic treatments available. Schedule your visit by phone or online today!